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The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn

Jun 29, 2017

Today's Turnaround guest is Marc Maron, standup comic, actor, and host of one of the biggest podcasts ever: <i>WTF with Marc Maron</i>. Maron has a big personality, and it shows in his interviews. He's not rattling off a list of questions, but instead he's trying to have a conversation that's intimate and real. It...

Jun 26, 2017

This week Jesse is joined by Susan Orlean, who has been a staff writer with <i>The New Yorker</i> since 1992. Before that, she wrote for publications like <i>Rolling Stone</i>, <i>Vogue</i>, and <i>Esquire</i>. She has also written eight books, including <i>The Orchid Thief</i>, which was adapted into the 2002 film...

Jun 21, 2017

On the premiere episode of The Turnaround, Jesse Thorn talks to Ira Glass, the host and creator of This American Life from WBEZ. For more than twenty years, Ira and his colleagues have pioneered a distinctive brand of journalistic non-fiction that has inspired an entire generation of radio producers and storytellers. In...

Jun 14, 2017

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